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Urban Planning Conference: Nov. 25 & 26

Inspirational; thought-provoking; challenging. 

Thank you to our presenters, sponsors and delegates for their contribution to the conference.  Speaker notes are available for access/download further down this page.

Also, follow this link to Steve Mouzon's blog about his experience in Charlottetown as one of the main speakers at the conference.

Speaker Presentations/Notes - click on the links below to access/download the presentations or speaker notes.

Opening Address:  MacDonald, Edward (Association Professor, Department of History, UPEI)
On Sustainable Development
On Green Space Linkages & Architectural Design
 On Arts, Culture & Heritage

 On Neighbourhoods

The Registration Form  and Conference Program Schedule are accessible through the noted links and as attached (below). 

November 16, 2011

Local and Regional Presenters Bring Insight to Holistic Urban Planning

Well known local and regional speakers will join previously announced national and international speakers to present holistic, topical information on urban planning at the Celebrating Sense of Place (Spirit of Community) urban planning conference November 25-26 at the Confederation Centre of the Arts. 

Dr. Ed MacDonald, Associate Professor of the Department of History at the University of Prince Edward Island opens the conference with recollections of Charlottetown’s 18th century town planning, noting events and the interaction of people and place over time that have continued to shape the city to present day. 

Friday afternoon Rob LeBlanc, Senior Landscape Architect and Planner from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, will lead a discussion on ‘Neighbourhoods’. Mr. LeBlanc has lead design projects in Morocco, Tanzania, Libya and China.  This same panel welcomes Andy Fillmore, Manager of Urban Design from Halifax Regional Municipality who will give a short presentation on ‘The Next Frontier: Densifying Established Urban Neighbourhoods’ prior to an interactive discussion with the audience.

Jim Sackville, founder of BDA Landscape Architects from Sussex, New Brunswick, will present Urban Ecosystems: The Foundation of Urban Green Space Linkages Saturday morning.  The lecture focuses on techniques to restore urban ecosystems and develop corridors for recreation and wildlife use.

Saturday afternoon, the ‘Arts, Culture & Heritage’ panel presents Bernard J. Cormier, Cultural Affairs Officer for the City of Saint John, New Brunswick and Henk van Leeuwen, Executive Director of Culture PEI of Charlottetown.  Mr. Cormier discusses 'creative momentum' in a community.  He will focus on steps communities can take to establish a strong arts and cultural presence in the public eye and methodologies to ensure the pace of development does not lose ground.

Mr. van Leeuwen will offer how arts, culture and heritage serve as a foundation and catalyst for Charlottetown’s economy, and how strategic and collaborative decisions around the use of the capital city’s physical landmarks, buildings, green space and streets can deepen the cultural industries’ creative and economic footprints.

Panel discussions follow all presentations, encouraging one-on-one engagement for the public with urban planners, architects and presenters throughout the conference. 

The conference is open to the public and registration forms for single day or full attendance are available at www.ourculturalcapital.ca, at City Hall’s Tourism Information location and at Confederation Centre of the Arts.

The Celebrating Sense of Place (Spirit of Community) urban planning conference is presented under the 2011 Cultural Capital of Canada Designation that is a program of the Department of Canadian Heritage with additional funding by the City of Charlottetown and the Province of Prince Edward Island.

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November 9, 2011

Internationally Recognized Speakers Presenting at Urban Planning Conference Under Cultural Capital of Canada Programming

The City of Charlottetown presents Celebrating Sense of Place (Spirit of Community) an urban planning conference on November 25th and 26th at the Confederation Centre of the Arts under the 2011 Cultural Capital of Canada Designation.

National and internationally recognized speakers will present on the topics of Sustainable Development, Green Space Linkages and Architectural Design, Neighbourhoods, and Arts, Culture & Heritage. The lead speakers include: Clive Doucet of Ottawa, Dr. Nik Luka of Montreal, Steve Mouzon of Miami Beach, Dr. Greg Baeker of Toronto as well as regional and local guest speakers.

Clive Doucet is an author, Urban Philosopher and a visiting scholar at the College of Humanities, Carleton University in Ottawa. Mr. Doucet is a passionate urbanist and his life is all about cities: how they work; what people need from them; and how to make them better.

Mr. Doucet has just returned from six months of traveling throughout Turkey and Europe visiting early human settlements and ancient cities searching for answers to the questions: 'Where do cities come from? Why do they exist? What makes them work and not work?’ His presentation on Friday, November 25, 'Searching for the City', will be drawn from these experiences as well as his many years as a city councillor.

Dr. Nik Luka is a professor at McGill University and currently appointed to both the Schools of Architecture and Urban Planning at McGill University in Montreal. He coordinates the graduate program in Urban Design and his research and practice encompass (re)urbanizing landscapes, representations and mediations of urban space, housing, second homes and infrastructure as public space.

His presentation on Friday, November 25th will introduce the Montréal Urban Ecology Centre, focusing on the successful ‘Green Active Healthy Neighbourhood’ project that aims to develop collaborative community-based strategies and methods for transforming existing neighbourhoods to encourage walking, cycling, and other active transportation modes.

Steve Mouzon is an architect, urbanist, author, blogger, and photographer from Miami. He founded the New Urban Guild, which helped foster the Katrina Cottages movement. The New Urban Guild hosts Project:Smart Dwelling, which works to redefine the house to be much smaller and more sustainable. Mouzon founded and is a board member of the Guild Foundation; it hosts the Original Green initiative.

Mr. Mouzon runs his own design company, Mouzon Design, and his award-winning book A Living Tradition [Architecture of the Bahamas] sets the standard for a new type of pattern book that is principle-based instead of taste-based, and therefore contributes to the creation of new living traditions.

Steve Mouzon will lead a presentation and panel discussion on ‘Green Space Linkages and Architectural Design’ on Saturday, November 26th.

Dr. Greg Baeker is a senior consultant with AuthentiCity and a nationally recognized leader in integrated cultural plans for cities from large urban centres such as Toronto to small rural areas across Canada. He is also a director of Cultural Development at Millier Dickinson Blais in Toronto and is the author of the widely admired Rediscovering the Wealth of Places: a municipal cultural planning handbook for Canadian communities, published in 2010.

Dr. Baeker will lead a presentation and panel discussion on Arts, Culture and Heritage as related to urban planning on Saturday, November 26th.

All panel sessions include an opportunity for the audience to present questions to the speakers.

Speakers who have authored books on topics presented during the conference will attend book signing events throughout the 2-day conference. Local authors who have published on related conference topics will also be available for book signing during the event.

All details are included in the conference program posted on the Charlottetown’s 2011 Cultural Capital of Canada website at www.ourculturalcapital.ca and located at the City of Charlottetown’s Town Hall Tourism Centre and at two locations within Confederation Centre of the Arts - Mavor’s Restaurant and the Richmond Street entrance to The Centre.

The conference is open to the public however pre-registration is recommended and available until Thursday, November 17th.

The Celebrating Sense of Place (Spirit of Community) urban planning conference is presented under the 2011 Cultural Capital of Canada Designation that is a program of the Department of Canadian Heritage with additional funding by the City of Charlottetown and the Province of Prince Edward Island.



October 26, 2011

Future Development of Urban Spaces; Topics Discussed At Cultural Capital Event 

The City of Charlottetown presents an urban planning conference, Celebrating Sense of Place (Spirit of Community), on November 25th and 26th at the Confederation Centre of the Arts under the 2011Cultural Capital of Canada Designation. 

The two-day conference offers an opportunity for the public to engage in the discussion of urban planning referencing the topics of green space linkages and architectural design, sustainability, neighbourhoods, and arts, culture & heritage. Key speakers, having global experience in their specific area of expertise, will offer innovative ideas and principles of proven applications for planning current and future development within urban spaces. The speaker lineup includes Steve Mouzon of Miami, George Dark of Toronto, Clive Doucet of Ottawa, Nik Luka of Montreal and Dr. Greg Baeker of Toronto.

The off-island contingent of presenters will be joined by local and regional representation of knowledgeable professionals who will inject their knowledge and concerns specific to Charlottetown as well as their own ‘local’ application of development regionally.

The conference is open to the general public and welcomes anyone interested in the long-term development of and consideration towards important linkages and interrelationships between fundamental factors of sustainability, growth and culture in community development.  There will be opportunity to network with the speakers as well as join in panel discussions each day.

Presented during the conference, ‘Through My Eyes’, under Media Arts Legacy Series, will premiere five locally produced short films that each weave their story into the fabric that is, in the end, the City of Charlottetown.  The five artists selected by a juried process earlier this year are: Jason Arsenault, Mille Clarkes, Jenna MacMillan, JoDee Samuelson and Joseph Weale. The films have been produced throughout the summer of 2011 and will be screened on Friday, November 25th at the Homburg Theatre.

Conference pre-registration is recommended, available until November 17th, and includes the full two-day schedule for $40 or a single day registration at $25.  Tickets for the film screening are included in the conference registration or available individually for $6 through the Confederation Centre Box Office.  (Conference registration is not required to attend the film screenings premiere.)  The registration form and conference details are available through Charlottetown’s 2011 Cultural Capital of Canada website at www.ourculturalcapital.ca.

The Celebrating Sense of Place (Spirit of Community) urban planning conference and ‘Through My Eyes’ Media Arts Legacy Series are presented under the 2011 Cultural Capital of Canada Designation.  This is a program of the Department of Canadian Heritage with additional funding provided by the City of Charlottetown and the Province of Prince Edward Island.

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For further information - Conference Coordinating Committe

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